Gastronomy professionals

Enjoy our quality chocolate

For your creations, Banyan Alliance offers the couverture of its intense, subtle and single origin chocolate that meets the highest standards in terms of traceability.

Our 81.8% organic dark chocolate is produced from Nacional beans from Los Ríos in Ecuador, according to an original and unique recipe developed by our Swiss master chocolate maker Marc-André Cartier, who has set out to unleash all the aromatic power of this fine cocoa and to reveal its rich terroir to the fullest. This chocolate is made exclusively from organic cocoa, organic cocoa butter, and organic sugar. The beans are battered, fermented and dried within our partner producers’ association. They are then processed in Quito.

Couverture chocolate

Our couverture chocolate is a chocolate of excellent quality that can be used by chocolatiers, confectioners and chefs as raw material for the production of, amongst other things, chocolate bonbons, ganache, confectionery specialities, ice cream or chocolate bars.