a powerful subtle unique chocolate

An exceptional terroir
An innovative equitable model

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A unique powerful subtle chocolate

An exceptional terroir
An innovative equitable model

1°21’S 79°18’W


The unique flavour of Nacional cocoa beans and the rich terroir of Los Ríos in Ecuador provide our chocolates with subtle floral aromas and a strong and powerful character.

Beyond fair trade

Banyan Alliance is much more than a grand cru chocolate: it is a redefinition of an ethical chocolate. From the setting up of a fair price – which allows farmers to earn up to 40% more than with fair trade – to carbon offsetting, discover all our efforts to promote a new commercial model.


The talented Marc-André Cartier, a passionate and committed master chocolate maker, has selected the best Nacional cocoa beans in Ecuador and developed unique recipes, marvellously revealing the subtlety of its aromas and the richness of its terroir.


Don’t hesitate! Discover our selections of chocolate bars and our bags of napolitains.


For your employees or customers, Banyan Alliance offers you its napolitains in bulk or in personalised boxes. We also offer you the possibility to make napolitains with your company logo.

Sales to professionals

Pastry chefs, cooks or gastronomy professionals, our chocolate is available for your creations! Make the most of our flavours, our cocoa, our ethics and our know-how.


The story of Banyan Alliance finds its roots in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, where the oldest traces of cocoa consumption were found more than 5,000 years ago, and where the Geneva-based NGO OneAction conducts environmental projects since 2012.

Our partners

At the source of the Banyan Alliance project, the NGO OneAction is now its privileged partner. It receives 10% of the turnover from the sale of chocolate bars and offsets the CO2 emissions of the Banyan Alliance chocolate through its various reforestation initiatives.
Another partner of choice is Equal Profit. Equal Profit has developed an innovative label, which ensures the fair redistribution of value throughout a sector.