Our master chocolate maker

Marc-André Cartier

A connoisseur to reveal the best of the terroir

Marc-André Cartier comes from a family of Swiss chocolate makers who have been active in the industry for six generations.

A lover of fine grand cru chocolates and their origins, the talented Marc-André Cartier is a chocolate maker with a rich experience. In an industry often more attracted by profitability than by ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable development, he became increasingly interested in the origin of the beans and their production. He thus got involved in projects in various African cocoa-producing countries to encourage the transfer of knowledge.

Seduced by the Banyan Alliance project, Marc-André Cartier joined the Banyan Alliance team. He accompanied them to Ecuador, enthusiastic about the idea of finding high quality beans and contributing to the creation of an ethical chocolate that guarantees total traceability. By relying on Nacional cocoa beans, which come from agroforestry, he not only contributes to the sustainability of endangered cocoa trees, but also provides a high-end couverture that is highly sought-after by chocolate makers.