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OneAction is an NGO based in Geneva and active since 2011. Seeing one’s potential for sustainable change, OneAction aspires to encourage the transition from intention to action, accompanying individuals and communities in the process of creating or developing empowerment projects.

In collaboration with its partners, OneAction develops projects with strong social and environmental impacts, while providing self-financing mechanisms that guarantee sustainability. OneAction primarily focuses on education, training, sustainable agriculture, reforestation, renewable energies and social entrepreneurship.

To this day, OneAction manages around 12 projects in regions where it benefits from a well-established network of contacts and an excellent knowledge of the socio-cultural, political and environmental context, namely Switzerland, South America, Africa, and Asia.

At the source of the Banyan Alliance project, the NGO OneAction is now its privileged partner. It receives 10% of the turnover from the sale of chocolate bars. On the one hand, these funds enable OneAction to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the production and transport of Banyan Alliance chocolate through its reforestation initiatives. On the other hand, it constitutes a source of funding to help finance its operations and its various projects.

Our partner Equal Profit has developed an innovative label, which enables the fair redistribution of value throughout a production chain.

In other words, the Equal Profit label means that profit is distributed in a way that is proportional to the effort that each actor puts into the global supply chain. This effort is measured as a function of costs/risks borne by each actor. The principle is simple: the more you contribute, the more you deserve to earn.

In order to redefine margins as objectively as possible, each player discloses its costs transparently (production and operating costs, interest and depreciation, etc.). The total costs of each actor are then verified and aggregated by Equal Profit. The share of the total cost borne by each actor is expressed as a percentage, from the producer to the trader. The price of the product is set accordingly. The profit (revenues minus total costs) is then distributed among the different actors in the chain: each actor is paid in proportion to the share of the total cost it bears.

Banyan Alliance is pleased to be one of the first partners in this pioneering initiative allowing us to conduct a truly fair trade.