Our story

From Switzerland to Ecuador

A captivating adventure and priceless encounters

The story of Banyan Alliance finds its roots in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, where the oldest traces of cocoa consumption were found more than 5,000 years ago, and where the Geneva-based NGO OneAction conducts environmental projects since 2012.

During a field visit, the OneAction team crossed paths with small Ecuadorian cocoa farmers and planted a seed, thinking about the future of both the farmers and itself: what if OneAction could help farmers to reduce their dependency on market conditions, while generating revenues for itself? The idea was launched…

Along the way, entrepreneurial minds from all walks of life, as well as a Swiss master chocolate maker, joined the adventure around common values and a passion for chocolate. The idea sprouted and Banyan Alliance was created. Our name pays tribute to the Banyan tree, which symbolizes the values that are at the heart of our project: interdependence and solidarity, unity and circularity, sharing and empowerment.

In 2018, the team traveled to Ecuador in search of the precious gems of the indigenous “Nacional” variety, a cocoa treasure, and selected beans from the province of Los Ríos. The first version of Banyan Alliance’s organic, ethical and sustainable single origin chocolate was born in 2019.

After the success of this first edition, Banyan Alliance returned to South America and transformed its recipe into 7 new specialties. In addition, our team is developing an innovative business model with the help of its partner Equal Profit. Today, we continue to work with passion and enthusiasm to make available our delicious chocolates and to improve the fate of many farmers, a chocolate bar at a time…